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An Yearly Meetup for Short Film Enthusiasts

NISFF is an interesting Film occasion in its First year that is praising the best and most well known autonomous and Short Film Studios from the worldwide film industry, and has magnificent open doors for the matter of short films worldwide. We are extraordinary in the measure of stages we offer to producers.

Opportunities Within

NISFF is a prestigious short film event organized by NexGn Events & Entertainment. At NISFF, we aim to undertake something innovative and worthwhile in the field of Short Films. The festival’s programming is unique in a way that it promotes and inspires new talent, provides them with a platform to showcase their talent, and help them reach a global audience for their work.

NISFF is built up as a means for supporting and advancing film movie producers everywhere throughout the world. Our central goal is to advance exceptional artists by giving a portal to extend their vocations in media outlets. We sparkle a light on the obscure artists of today, helping them turn into the praised movie producers of tomorrow. 

Why Should you Participate?

1. We provide you International Accreditation by Emirates International.
2. We provide you a position that you deserve by honoring your work and showcasing your project.
3. We provide you with an ISO International Certificate which has higher value.
4. Winners will get Cash, Trophies & International ISO Golden Certificate with Emirates International Accreditation.
5. International ISO Certificate with Emirates International Accreditation for all Participants.

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